Duplicate Finder

Duplicate Finder 3.5.3

Free up space and clear out clutter


  • Good filters
  • Decent help


  • Trial version limitations are too strict


As you might expect, Duplicate Finder finds duplicate files on your computer and lets you erase, move or re-name them. As dupe tools go, it's a good one. The interface isn't particularly impressive, but the program has some nice filtering and exclusion features that make it very easy to search for exactly the type of file you want to check.

Duplicate Finder has four different search modes that will give you varying levels of power. Same Name Files and Zero Size File will give you a superficial search that's good for getting rid of major clutter, while Byte to Byte and CRC32 are more complex methods that find files identical in content but not in name. Once found, Duplicate Finder displays the results in an easy-to-read table that shows you exactly where the duplicates are located.

When it comes to dealing with the duplicates, Duplicate Finder has a few options on offer. You can erase, move elsewhere or rename, and the program will warn you if you are about to take a step you can't undo. Unfortunately, it's in this last area that Duplicate Finder is severely compromised: the trial version only allows you to delete files that are under 2MB in size. In case you didn't know, there's very little on your computer that's under 2MB, which means that as far as the trial version goes, your cluttered computer is likely to stay that way unless you manually find and remove the files.

Duplicate Finder - a standard dupe finder with harsh trial limitations.

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